Learning Support


The staff of Good Shepherd School is committed to helping each child to be as successful as possible. The teachers are interested in challenging students with high academic abilities. Teachers work with parents, special education staff (public schools are required by law to provide services to students in private schools who qualify for those services), and the on-site special education coordinator to help students with special needs.

Students in first through third grade who find reading and spelling a challenge are provided with small group, multi-sensory, individualized, sequenced, direct instruction. (This Orton-Gillingham instruction has a national reputation for success with the International Dyslexia Association.)  This early intervention produces great results for our students.

 In fourth grade there is small group instruction for students who need extra help with their writing skills.  We also have parent volunteers who work in the Learning Center with students in individually or in small groups.  (The learning activities are planned by the classroom teacher.)

A school psychologist is available to evaluate our students’ needs and to work with students and/or parents. We also have a part-time school counselor who works with individual students and also with small groups of students to help them to learn good social skills.



Tutoring sessions for your child are available throughout the school year and in the summer.