Beyond the Basics


Our curriculum provides an excellent foundation in basic skills and prepares our students to succeed at higher levels of education.

Grades 1-4

In the first through fourth grades at Good Shepherd School, we recognize the uniqueness of individuals and help them develop to their fullest potential.  We aim to provide a positive atmosphere in which students can develop a sense of self-worth and a love of learning.

Various teaching strategies, such as large and small group instruction, cooperative learning, team teaching, and individual instruction, are used to help meet our goals.  These strategies accommodate the individual needs of students and enhance their learning, while allowing teachers to utilize their own strengths.  Teachers at this level also work together to provide a continuous curriculum that builds on the students’ knowledge from year to year.

Grades 5 and 6

The fifth and sixth grades at Good Shepherd School follow a middle school philosophy, which promotes individual talents and uniqueness. 

This philosophy centers around the development of responsibility and leadership in preparation for junior high.  Individual student needs are met through a homeroom base, which builds a positive relationship with classmates and the teacher.

Teaching strategies include:  whole group instruction using a child-centered approach, cooperative learning, flexible scheduling accentuating teaching strengths, and interests and team teaching.

In the age of information, we feel that it is vitally important for middle grade students to be computer literate.  Therefore, computers will be an integral part of our program.

P.S.  We’ll have fun too!